Information on IO 1


Specifications for the intellectual output 1


Technical specifications for the video:

  • A short movie
  • From 3 to 4 mn
  • Mode of dissemination : website, social medias, public projection (for opendays, in guidance centres, job centres, training centres)

First version in English and then a version in our national languages

The target group of the video:

  • Youngsters about to choose a career (video used by guidance counsellors)
  • Job centres (job fairs)
  • Adults (about to undertake a career transition)
  • Hospital cleaners, hospitals’ staff (generally speaking even managers

lataus (5)

Needs identified and goals

  • The goal is to promote the hygiene and cleaning trades and more particularly in hospitals.
  • The emphasis will be on the importance of cleaners’missions in the hygiene chain in healthcare units, the required knowledge and competences in order to be an effective cleaner.
  • The idea is to propose a more positive image of the trade (for youngsters choosing a career who have a very poor image of the trade but also for the hospitals staff members who are not always aware of the importance of the work undertaken by cleaning teams, whose work is often underestimated).
  • The importance of the work undertaken by cleaners if we consider the hygiene chain in the healthcare units for the prevention against nosocominal diseases.
  • Cleaners are hygiene professionals – They have to master techniques, knowledge and skills linked to their professional activity. They need to be trained.
  • Awareness of the issues at stake as far as hygiene is concerned.

The concept idea is that Hospital is not a safe place without cleaners. CLEANERS ARE HEROES AS THEIR WORK CAN SAVE LIVES.


  • Finalization and Validation of specifications (during seminar)
  • Collection of facts and figures about hygiene in hospitals (end of October)
  • GIP-FCIP : writing of the scenario (deadline : Nov. 10-15)
  • modifications/improvements by partners before end of November 2016.
  • // quotation
  • December 2016 and January 2017 : filming and editing in Estonia.
  • Editing of the film in English by a professional to determine (deadline End of January 2017) // translation of facts in our national language and editing of the film in our national languages (End of February : deadline for film in our national language) .

You can find the link for the video in five language from this page.

Video is also learning material for hospital hygiene and work habits in hospital, so you can test if you can find these mistakes!

Instruction: Find at least ten mistakes in the video.

Mistakes made in the video:

  • Long sleeves on the cleaner
  • The cleaner is wearing a ring
  • The doctor is wearing a ring, a watch and long sleeves
  • There is a cloth towel by the sink
  • The cleaner does not use any hand disinfectant (nobody does)
  • Bad ergonomics while moving the trolley
  • Doctors wear operating gowns while moving the bed in the corridor
  • Hands were wrongly washed
  • The tap is closed with hands
  • The cleaner does not disinfect his hands before and after touching the phone
  • The cloth is not turned and fold appropriately
  • Bed railing is not cleaned appropriately ( you do it only one way)
  • The cleaner uses the same cloth in different areas