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The GIP FCIP de l’académie de Caen is an umbrella organization part of the head- office of State Education in Normandy. It enables public educational institutions, initial or ongoing, to develop projects, mostly with EU funding under Interreg, ESF and Erasmus +.

The main expertise of the GIP FCIP regards social responsibility of organizations (equal opportunities diversity, gender equality, sustainable development) and training design and organization particularly in adult training as part of the GRETA network.

GIP-FCIP offers, through its GRETA network numerous modules in healthcare sector including EQF Level 3 and short trainings. It offers, in particular, healthcare cleaning modules at EQF Level 5 and 4.

This network provides classrooms courses, e-learning modules, recognition of prior learning programs and blended pathways. The beneficiaries of these trainings are healthcare staff from various healthcare institutions in Normandy region, cleaning enterprises and job seekers. ”