Kouvolan Seudun Ammattiopisto (KSAO) – Finland
Kouvola Region Vocational College

KSAO is a multi-disciplinary vocational institution situated in Kouvola, Finland.  It is owned by the City of Kouvola. Altogether there are about 4000 students and the number of personnel is around 300. The college offers vocational upper secondary education and training in 50 different professions, in seven sectors. For adults the college offers further vocational qualifications,  specialist vocational qualifications and courses. Adults can study for qualifications through In-service training; Apprenticeship training; Competence test system; and Labour market training (adult employment training). Close co-operation with the economic markets is very active and changes in the labour market have a direct impact on education programmes.

Kouvolan seudun ammattiopisto
Utinkatu 44-48
puh. 020 61511
faksi 020 615 3388

Facebook: KSAO Aikuisopisto

Kastek OY – Finland

Kastek Ltd produces among other things cleaning, catering and customer services in Kouvola and Kotka, in Finland. Our customer is Carea, Kymenlaakso Social and Health Services. Cleaning services of Kastek Ltd have almost 200 employees. Carea Hospital also owns Kastek and Kastek gives services to Carea. The largest division is cleaning and maintenance. KSAO students perform their practical training through Kastek. This is where they also perform competency-based qualification examination. KSAO educates their staff and together they plan tests and teaching.

Kastek Oy
Kotkantie 41
48210 Kotka
Tel. 020 633 5488
fax   020 633 2141


Kymenlaakson sairaanhoito- ja sosiaalipalvelujen kuntayhtymä
Carea – Finland

In Finland, the municipality is responsible for organizing public health and social services for citizens. For specialized medical care and care for the handicapped, a municipality must belong to a federation of other municipalities which helps them
provide such services. The federation is responsible for primary care services and providing emergency care as well as taking care of the patients sent there. The services of Carea are provided through Kymenlaakso Central Hospital, the psychiatric
hospital of Kymenlaakso and social services. In addition, the federation purchase services from Helsinki University Hospital and ORTON Orthopaedic Hospital. The federation of medical and social services in Kymenlaakso, known as Carea, is formed by Hamina, Kotka, Kouvola, Miehikkälä, Pyhtää and Virolahti. The federation provides services for 174 000 people. Carea employs 2,100 professionals of various fields in Kotka and Kouvola. The federation’s expenses in 2013 amounted to EUR 223 million.

KOKS – Kymenlaakson keskussairaala
Kotkantie 41

48210 Kotka

Tel 05 220 51 (vaihde)

Fax 020 633 5466