Järvamaa Kutsehariduskeskus – Estonia
Järva County Vocational Training Centre

Järva County Vocational Training Centre (JKHK) in central Estonia offers a wide range of professional training through its 24 fields of study. Our motto is „Learning is a matter of the heart!“, which is why we strive to instill the value of lifelong learning to students of all ages. Our vocational training programs are on the basis of a basic education, on the basis of a secondary education, for pre-vocational learners, and offers higher technical training for adult learners.  The school has 70 full-time vocational teachers, 60 contracted teachers, and 70 staff between its two campuses in Paide and in Särevere. The school has enrolled annually over 700 students and 1000 adult learners. There are three main study departments: Service and Economics; Engineering and Construction; and Agricultural Studies. JKHK has a strong cleaning program, and is working to establish Estonia’s first Professional Standard and Curriculum for Cleaning in Healthcare.


Järva County Vocational Training Center (Järvamaa Kutsehariduskeskus)
Tallinna 46
Paide 72720


OÜ Puhastusekspert – Estonia


Puhastusekspert was founded in 1998 and started training activities in January 2000. Throughout the years we have provided to various cleaning training courses attended by more than 11 000 people.Through our activities, we want to raise awareness of high cleaning standards and provide customers ergonomic, cost-efficient, high-quality, cleaning patterns. There is a team of 9 cleaning experts and all participate in education and training projects promoting best cleaning practices.  All possess a university degree in pedagogy of adult training.  Puhastusexpert is the qualification exam center for qualification certificates in Estonia.

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